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About Our Distributors

Wako works with distributors to provide your lab with the products you need quickly and safely. These companies may be contacted directly by using the links provided below.


VWR InternationalVWR International is located at 1310 Goshen Parkway, West Chester, PA 19380 is currently a distributor for the Wako brand products throughout the US and Canada. VWR is committed to providing you the latest information on new products, excellent technical support and customer service. If you would like to purchase our products through VWR International, they can be reached at 1-800-932-5000 or by e-mail, send inquiries to: www.vwr.com.

Peeke ScientificPeeke Scientific is a distributor of our Wakopak® / Wakosil® HPLC columns for pharmaceutical, combinatorial and biomolecular separations. They can provide customer service and support to help you find the column to fit your particular separation needs. www.peekescientific.com

CedarlaneCedarlane offers a myriad of biological's and biochemical's to Life Science researchers and clinicians providing products from virtually all of the World’s most renowned international manufacturers. www.cedarlanelabs.com, +1 (800) 268-5058 or +1 (289) 288-0001


Find Our Distributors Worldwide


Sellex, Inc. (Distributor for Brasil)
São Paulo, Brazil

BioSforza Ltda. (Distributor for Chile)
Maipú - Santiago, Chile

Fermelo Biotec (Distributor for Chile)
Providencia, Santiago, Chile

Interprise USA Corp. (Distributor for Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Centroamérica and Mexico
Doral, USA

Probiotek (Productos y Equipos Biotecnológicos S.A. de C.V.) (Distributor for México)
San Nicolas de los Garza N.L., Mexico

AllScience, LLC (Distributor for Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina)
Miami, USA

GUILLERMO CHARRY ROJAS (Distributor for Colombia)
Medellín 050011, Colombia

Peeke Scientific (Distributor of HPLC Columns in the USA)
Redwood, California, United States

Cedarlane (Distributor for Canada) , Canada

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