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Current Focus
Wako Specialty Chemicals is concentrating our efforts in ways to produce initiators that can be used in the production of high molecular weight and highly linear polymers in an aqueous system.
We have provided some information about the specifics of the latest focus of our efforts below. Please use the contact page and select Specialty Chemicals to email us.

Create ultra high molecular weight and highly linear polymers in aqueous system.
Advantages of water-soluble azo initiators over persulfates include:

  Narrow molecular weight distribution
  Cationic or anionic functionality
  End-group functionalization
  Minimal branching
  No sulfur

V-50: Our popular water-soluble azo initiator

10 hour half-life temperature: 50ºC
Activation energy: 29.5 kcal/mol
V-50 is a water-soluble azo initiator that is particularly useful for the polymerization of water-soluble vinyl monomers. V-50 results in smooth, readily controllable polymerization reactions that produce polymers with high linearity and molecular weights when compared with inorganic persulfates and other aqueous initiators.

VA-086: Our highest temperature water-soluble azo initiator

10 hour half-life temperature: 86ºC
Activation energy: 25.1 kcal/mol
VA-086 is a non-ionic and water-soluble azo initiator and it is useful in aqueous solution, emulsion, and inverse suspension polymerizations when the presences of neutralizing agents are undesirable. VA-086 is also used as boosterinitiator in combination with any of the faster initiators, to finish the polymerization by scavenging the remaining monomers at elevated temperatures. It creates functionalized end-group on the polymer chain.

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