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About Our New Products

Wako is pleased to present these new products to our Laboratory Chemicals line. To learn more, or to talk to a representative about ordering, please call 877-714-1920 (toll free within the USA and Canada) or 804-714-1920 (outside of the USA and Canada). Please use the contact page and select Laboratory Chemicals to email us.

Read about our product lines and new products in the Wako Product Update or
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To complement the many Wako products that we provide, we now distribute products from the following company in the USA:

Evrogen is headquartered in Moscow, Russia. The products lines consist of a variety of novel products for cell and molecular biology, such as a Fluorescent Proteins, Antibodies against Fluorescent Proteins, Duplex-Specific Nuclease based products and cDNA Normalization Kits.


Quick CBB Plus
178-00551, 1L
List price: $100.00

LESS 20%: $80.00

174-00553, 250mL
List price: $42.00
LESS 20%: $33.60

Rat GLP-2 ELISA, 96 wells
List price: $750.00
LESS 40%: $450.00


Sericin, a silk protein
Pure Sericin, derived from silkworms, is an effective supplement for cell culture media. It is an alternative to using FBS. Sericin stimulates cell proliferation and suppresses cell-death. It is also an efficient factor when added to serum-free cell freezing media.

Furthermore, serum-free freezing medium containing 1 (w/v)% sericin successfully cryopreserved both P3U1 myeloma cell line and Chinese-hamster ovary cells as efficiently as the conventional medium of FBS containing 10% DMSO3).
Sericin is an efficient factor as a component of serum-free cell freezing medium

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Yanagihara, K., Terada, S., Miki, M., Sasaki, M. and Yamada, H.: Biotechnol. Appl. Biochem., 45, 59 (2006).

This product is for research use only. Do not administer it to human.
The product information is shown on the page #11 of Wako Product Update No. 17.

Highly Selective Fluorescent Probes
BES-H2O2, for Hydrogen Peroxide
BES-Thio, for Thiol / Serenol
BES-So, for Superoxide

Transdirect(TM) insect cell
Produced by Shimadzu Biotech, this is the world's first cell-free protein synthsis system prepared from insect cells. Sponodoptera frugiperda 21 (Sf 21) incect cells are widely used in the baculovirus expression system. Protein synthesis efficiency is 20-fold higher than that of rabbit reticulocyte cell-free system. 60-100ug of target protein can be synthesized per kit. Furthermore, the target protein can be acquired easily by affinity tag purification. The yield can be more than 20ug per kit. Dowload the product sheet.

Wako Laboratory Chemicals is a distributor for Bambanker(TM), which is produced by Lymphotec, Inc. It is a serum-free media for long-term storage of valuable cell lines. It allows for rapid freezing and preservation of cells in a deep freezer (-80°C). The media comes ready-to-use, and does not require the use of a program freezer. Bambanker is available in 120mL and 5 x 20mL packages.

Anti OMP (Olfactory Marker Protein), Goat
This goat antiserum is highly specific for mature olfactory neurons and their axons and terminals in tissue sections of many vertebrate species including rodents, humans, marsupials and amphibia.

ßAmyloid ELISA Kits
Wako now has 8 ELISA kits designed for the quantitative determination of Amyloid ß in samples, such as tissue culture media, tissue homogenate, CSF and plasma. These kits use the monoclonal antibodies developed by Takeda Chemicals Industries, Ltd.

Human ß Amyloid (1-40) ELISA Kit
Human ß Amyloid (1-42) ELISA Kit
Human/Rat ß Amyloid (40) ELISA Kit
Human/Rat ß Amyloid (42) ELISA Kit
Human ß Amyloid (1-40) ELISA Kit, High Sensitive
Human ß Amyloid (1-42) ELISA Kit, High Sensitive
Human/Rat ß Amyloid (40) ELISA Kit II
Human/Rat ß Amyloid (42) ELISA Kit II

Dowload the product sheet

Protein Size Markers
Prestained markers are bound to pigments in advance and are suitable for monitoring migration and transfer efficiency.

WIDE-VIEW Prestained Protein Size Marker
WIDE-VIEW Prestained Protein Size Marker II

Western Blotting markers will react to both the primary and secondary antibodies in Western blot due to recombinant protein (protein G), which binds immunoglobulin.

WIDE-VIEW Western Size Marker

Molecular Weight Markers are applicable to either CBB staining or silver staining. Each band is sharp and uniformly stained because the protein bands are reduced and alkylated.

Molecular Weight Marker, Low Range
Molecular Weight Marker, Middle Range
Molecular Weight Marker, High Range
Molecular Weight Marker, Wide Range
Silver Stain MW Marker, Low Range
Silver Stain MW Marker, Middle Range
Silver Stain MW Marker, High Range
Silver Stain MW Marker, Wide Range

S. cerevisiae Direct Transformation Kit Wako
This kit is designed for easy transformation of the budding yeast, Saccharoyces sp.. The protocol allows for successful transformation simply by mixing a plasmid DNA and the kit reagents with cultured yeast cells. No complicated steps, such as centrifugation or cell washing, are required. The kit is particularly well suited for high-throughput transformation of a large number of yeast strains grown in 96-well plates. Even genome-wide screening, which has been problematic, becomes possible, since the kit easily transforms about 4,850 strains with gene disruption. Download the product sheet

Product information sheets for some of our most popular products are available for download.